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        Wiwu P666 Capacitive Stylus Pencil

        Wiwu P666 is a convenient and durable stylus, which is designed to work with smartphones and tablets.The model uses a thoughtful and sensitive tip that can be easily replaced.Allows you to draw, write and create different sketches on any smartphone or tablet with a touch screen.The high sensitivity of the tip allows you to change the thickness of the lines by force pressing.The thought-over ergonomics ensures convenient work as if an ordinary pen.


        • Precise active stylus,smooth tip provides a realistic pen writing / drawing experience on all tablets & smartphones.
        • Soft head for touchscreen protection, reduce fingerprint when used.
        • Not dependent on special pre-installed software or specific Apps.
        • With a switch button, it instantly activates work on any device with capacitive touch.
        • Up to 8-10 hours of continuous use after full load.
        • Not easily lost and useful because of a clip.
        • Compatible with most screen touchdevices.
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